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Ce soir à la télé: “A bon entendeur” teste les robots-aspirateurs

Ce soir à la télévision suisse romande, “A bon entendeur” donne un aperçu sur notre projet “robots for daily life”. Un interview avec ma collègue Valérie Bauwens et autres collaborateurs à l’EPFL qui ont évalué la performance des robots-aspirateurs. La … Continue reading

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iRobot launches Roomba revenge game for iOS

You don’t have enough from carrying out cleaning activities? Or you already have a Roomba vacuum cleaning robot that does the floors for you? From now on you can distract yourself with the new “Roomba Revenge Game” for iOS: “As … Continue reading

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Robot puppies to vacuum your floors?

Vacuuming your floor is a quite annoying task for most of the people, so you are happy if you can source it out somehow … What if your hoover what do it’s work on its own while you are at … Continue reading

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It is about your relationship to the in-between vacuuming

First finding and hypothesis to be checked popping out why a Roomba gets adopted or not: “it is about your relationships with the inbetween vacuuming”. Roomba is about inbetween vacuuming. This is what it does great. It is not a … Continue reading

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Cleaning and vacuuming pain points

Cleaning or vacuuming is not a fascinating task in itself, but what is even more annoying are all the tasks you have to do beforehand that are tiring (e.g. tidying up the room, changing clothes, pulling out the vacuum out … Continue reading

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