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Last Friday, while reading on the train, I came across an interesting question: “What would an iron look like if it were designed for a predominantly male market?” To me, as I am  not ironing (shame on me!), I am … Continue reading

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Ce soir à la télé: “A bon entendeur” teste les robots-aspirateurs

Ce soir à la télévision suisse romande, “A bon entendeur” donne un aperçu sur notre projet “robots for daily life”. Un interview avec ma collègue Valérie Bauwens et autres collaborateurs à l’EPFL qui ont évalué la performance des robots-aspirateurs. La … Continue reading

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“Learning to live with robots”

This is just to share some news I read this morning in a blogpost on bigthink. I will simply re-post it: “For the next few months, twelve British volunteers will live in a house also populated by four domestic robots … Continue reading

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Robots are co-evolving with us

What does it mean to take the gray wolf home? The domestication of the dog began thousands of years ago. It still continues with cross-breeding dogs to create so called “designer dogs” or “hybrid dogs”. Can we transfer the evolution … Continue reading

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