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Last Friday, while reading on the train, I came across an interesting question: “What would an iron look like if it were designed for a predominantly male market?” To me, as I am  not ironing (shame on me!), I am … Continue reading

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Robots are on the march!

Do you know about this phenomenon that once you feel like you discovered something new, all of a sudden you find this something everywhere, springing up like mushrooms? Let me be more precise: Since I’m engaged in robotics, I see … Continue reading

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Roomba art

When you put some color LEDs on your Roomba, you can take long exposure light photos like these and it looks artfully robotic :) This could be seen as a creative way to check whether your vacuum cleaning robot has … Continue reading

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Robotic furniture shows emotion, acknowledges your presence

Isn’t it nice to be acknowledged for just being there? Ok, let’s consider here only the pure ‘physical’ presence … Imagine coming home from an exhausting day at work and neither your not present flatmate nor your nonexisting dog jump … Continue reading

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Robot puppies to vacuum your floors?

Vacuuming your floor is a quite annoying task for most of the people, so you are happy if you can source it out somehow … What if your hoover what do it’s work on its own while you are at … Continue reading

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Inno-Robo – RoboLift, Lyon 2011: some quotes

Un employé de GOSTAI, Robotics for everyone, parlant de son robot de surveillance « On lui a mis de la face recognition. Quand tu le regardes, il lève la tête et te regarde avec des yeux mignons. Les gens craquent » En … Continue reading

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Should robots be inspired by nature?

In contradiction to the myth, it is very rarely by « copying » the nature that one conceives new machines. Planes are not directly modelised birds, like computers have not been constructed like human brains. Technical inventions follow its own rules : it … Continue reading

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