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Thymio II: EPFL Robot Helps Santa Claus Distribute Presents

Have a look at this year’s Santa’s Little Helper, it’s a robot! I just found out that the Thymio II, an educational robot that was created by Fanny Riedo and her colleagues at EPFL, helps Santa Claus distribute presents: I  … Continue reading

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iRobot launches Roomba revenge game for iOS

You don’t have enough from carrying out cleaning activities? Or you already have a Roomba vacuum cleaning robot that does the floors for you? From now on you can distract yourself with the new “Roomba Revenge Game” for iOS: “As … Continue reading

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“The future is both near and far”

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to go to this year’s International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2011) to San Francisco, California. However, first subjective blog reviews can now be found and I came across one I think … Continue reading

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Robots : invasion imminente ?

Quand verrons-nous débarquer dans notre quotidien les robots de compagnie et les robots à tout faire que l’on nous promettait déjà pour l’an 2000? Les scientifiques arriveront-ils un jour à mettre au point des machines aussi intelligentes que R2D2? Et si les … Continue reading

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ALDEBARAN Robotics, a European humanoid robotics company, has announced that it will make a significant portion of its source code open source…. NAO is used by the world’s most prestigious universities and laboratories including Harvard and Tokyo University as both … Continue reading

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Weighting costs and benefits

Another thought, coming back from the field today. Roomba can of course free someone from some vacuuming’s task. Nevertheless, it might lead to supplementary efforts around vacuuming as well: e.g. tidying up the room beforehand (putting away the kids toys, … Continue reading

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