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Ce soir à la télé: “A bon entendeur” teste les robots-aspirateurs

Ce soir à la télévision suisse romande, “A bon entendeur” donne un aperçu sur notre projet “robots for daily life”. Un interview avec ma collègue Valérie Bauwens et autres collaborateurs à l’EPFL qui ont évalué la performance des robots-aspirateurs. La … Continue reading

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“Learning to live with robots”

This is just to share some news I read this morning in a blogpost on bigthink. I will simply re-post it: “For the next few months, twelve British volunteers will live in a house also populated by four domestic robots … Continue reading

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Brain-Robot Interfaces: using brain-robot interfaces for controlling implicit social patterns

Several emerging computer devices read bio-electrical signals (e.g., electro-corticographic signals, skin biopotential or facial muscle tension) and translate them into computer-understandable input. We investigated how one low-cost commercially-available device could be used to control a domestic robot. First, we used … Continue reading

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Qbo music player robot responds to hand gestures, challenges DJ Roomba to a dance-off (video)

What’s a good way to impress your friends? With a robot boom box that responds to your every hand movement, that’s how. Meet Qbo, TheCorpora’s open-source Linux robot who we’ve gotten to know over the years, even through his awkward phase. Nowadays, this … Continue reading

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NAO robot learns Japanese calligraphy

Just a quick post to share with you an article I read this morning about NAO learning Japanese calligraphy: “Teaching The NAO Robot Japanese Calligraphy” (by Robots Dreams). I myself am unfortunately not able to read or write Japanese but … Continue reading

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Robots On Wheels… and what a wheel

And what a wheel! The inventive drive system enables a small robot to spin and turn on a dime. Ever since those four horsemen, our culture has long been concerned with the locomotion of the apocalypse. IEEE Spectrum has spotted the more likely means … Continue reading

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How To Give Robot Vacuums a Personality (And Why It Matters)

…. It’s not just that it’s possible to do create a robot with a personality, but what’s relevant is it actually makes a difference to the end user. This is a more important point than you might think; by way of example, consider the difference … Continue reading

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