iRobot launches Roomba revenge game for iOS

You don’t have enough from carrying out cleaning activities? Or you already have a Roomba vacuum cleaning robot that does the floors for you? From now on you can distract yourself with the new “Roomba Revenge Game” for iOS: “As the fearless hero of Roomba Revenge, the new game app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Roomba makes cleaning a blast. In the virtual world, just like the real world, Roomba battles the evil Dust Bunnies, gobbling up dirt, dust and debris until the floor’s absolutely spotless.” writes iRobot on their YouTube site.

While guiding the beloved robot around, you shouldn’t get too close to the nasty bunnies or they’ll give Roomba a stomping and thrown down even more dirt. Except if you enter the Revenge mode, when Roomba becomes invincible and can gobble up the Dust Bunnies as they try to run and hide from his powerful suction. Other characters you’ll encounter are cats that slow you down and there’s also the human owner who picks up the robot to get him out of trouble and takes him to rooms he can’t otherwise get into. It’s a fun little title that costs $0.99 and a portion of the game proceeds is going to SPARK, iRobot’s education initiative to encourage students in STEM fields…



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