“The future is both near and far”

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to go to this year’s International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2011) to San Francisco, California. However, first subjective blog reviews can now be found and I came across one I think it is worth sharing with you: “It’s not ‘Jetsons’ but robots are here to stay“.

The author reflects about the future of robotics based on his experience and the discussions currently going on within the community. From the rather “classical approach” of laundry folding to pancake flipping crazy expensive “domestic service robots”, there are alternative approaches, e.g. towards “smart technlogies” such as Google goggle, or “evolutionary devices” that aims to enhance already existing products / applications / machines through robotics (adaptive cruise control or autopilots for cars, for instance). So, what is likely to actualize itself? I suppose that, wihtin the near future, besides awesome technological achievements, one big step in robotics will be of social / sociological nature: How robots appear to us might change soon, somewhat like from “robot” to “robotic product” (I read about this shift also in a paper). Taking the various viewpoints into consideration, the blogpost’s author comes to the conclusion that “the future is both near and far”.

Read the original blogpost here.


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