NAO robot learns Japanese calligraphy

Just a quick post to share with you an article I read this morning about NAO learning Japanese calligraphy: “Teaching The NAO Robot Japanese Calligraphy” (by Robots Dreams). I myself am unfortunately not able to read or write Japanese but I am fascinated though!

I especially like the description of the last picture in the article: “After a long hard day, NAO climbed into his suitcase for a well deserved rest during the trip back home.” (Will we have to purchase a train/flight ticket for “our robot companions” in the future or are they just considered as some “bulky fragile luggage”? … )

Anyways, I’m curious to see how it goes on! What else will people teach to robots? For what else will they use robots? How will they interact with them? It’s interesting already that we somehow ascribe intentions / feelings or other forms of human-likeness to some robots (but also other artifacts). I have been reading about anthropomorphism and robots but it is still not clear to me what exactly it is that makes us ascribing states to a robot such as NAO and projecting that it might feel exhausted after a day of Japanese calligraphy drawing.


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