Robots are co-evolving with us

gray-wolfWhat does it mean to take the gray wolf home? The domestication of the dog began thousands of years ago. It still continues with cross-breeding dogs to create so called “designer dogs” or “hybrid dogs”. Can we transfer the evolution of the domestic dog to the domestication of technologies and even robots? Aren’t we taking technologies and objects home to make, or not make, them acceptable and familiar? Or how Silverstone et al. (1996) describe it: “[…] the process of appropriation is more than simply a matter of purchase, since […] what consumers do with their technologies in their homes, is increasingly important work affecting both present and future technologies.” We affect future developments by how we use the current ones. But then, robotics is something tangible for everyone. We are constantly evolving and in parallel our environment. I think it is important to mention that when adopting this point of view, robots are not abstract anymore but co-evolving with us!

Reference: Silverstone, R. and Haddon, L., Design and the Domestication of Information and Communication Technologies: Technical Change and Everyday Life. In: Silverstone, R. and Mansell R. (eds.) Communication by Design: The Politics of Information and Communication Technologies, 1996,  pp. 44-74, Oxford University Press, Oxford


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