Experiencing a robot improves robots acceptance and perception

We met our participant again after 2 months using Roomba. How has their perception of robots evolved over these 2 months? In short, Roomba’s usage has positively influence their opinion about robots.

When we first met our participants, we asked them what their definition of a robot was, and let them do some exercises to find out if they were fearing them at all. What came out was that robots were kind of inexistent today in their lives. They all had difficulties defining a robot, and their only references came from science fictions movies, comics or toys. They would only fear robots when they would start looking too human and that their function would be unclear.

After two months, they feel much more open towards robots and would be more willing to get one in their home. One participant mentioned “Maintenant, je serais peut-être plus réceptif à avoir un autre robot. Ca fait peut-être un peu évoluer les mentalités.”

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