When do we call a robot robot?

“Probably, we call robots “robots” as long as we don’t really know how to define them. But as soon as they become familiar to us we don’t call them “robots” anymore.” Keith Miller, University of Illinois, Springfield at “Bridging the Robotics Gap“, Enschede, the Netherlands

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One Response to When do we call a robot robot?

  1. juliafink says:

    At the conference, we had a nice discussion on the question “what is a robot and what do we call a robot?”. I was once again surprised by the fact that so many different disciplines are addressing this aspect. Keith Miller mentioned the notion of ‘familarity’ to an object, such as Roomba, right after we presented our ethnographic study and since then, I am thinking about how it is with other ‘objects’ that once have been mysterious or unfamiliar …
    Anyways, thanks for the fruitful discussion!

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