Robots are on the march!

aimee-wilder_robots-wallpaperDo you know about this phenomenon that once you feel like you discovered something new, all of a sudden you find this something everywhere, springing up like mushrooms? Let me be more precise: Since I’m engaged in robotics, I see robotic stuff all around!! Is it only my subjective perception making fun of me? :) Or is there really this new trend of robots being everywhere? Well, I think I could find good arguments for both hands but let’s focus on the latter assumption: Robots are on the march again! Why? ferm-living_robot-beddingThe “London Evening Standard” quotes Jason Bradbury, Gadget Show Live co-host, “People love robots because they straddle the divide between hope for the future and terror.” But not only in Europe, robots experience a new hype, also in the US. Thus it is not surprising to find plenty of robotic design stuff. New York designer Aimee Wilder says, “Robots have a timeless classic feel” and on her website you can findsiemens_i-dos-waschmaschine robot wallpaper and other things. The danish interior design Ferm living sells robot bedding and cushions for sweet robotic dreams ^^ and you can have shoes, socks, bags, shirts and all other kinds of vans clothing matching the trendy robotics fashion style! Besides, recently, novels are written about robots, they appear quite frequently in movies and even on my way to work I come across them in adverts for “intelligent products” (e.g. Siemens iDos washingmachine). Where else have you seen robotic design in your daily life?


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PhD candidate at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
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