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NAO robot learns Japanese calligraphy

Just a quick post to share with you an article I read this morning about NAO learning Japanese calligraphy: “Teaching The NAO Robot Japanese Calligraphy” (by Robots Dreams). I myself am unfortunately not able to read or write Japanese but … Continue reading

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How do we wish to interact with robots?

What does human-robot interaction (HRI) mean? The interaction between humans and robots means some kind of action between a human and a robot. Whereas we are clear about the human part of this interaction, there is no common ground for … Continue reading

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Robots : invasion imminente ?

Quand verrons-nous débarquer dans notre quotidien les robots de compagnie et les robots à tout faire que l’on nous promettait déjà pour l’an 2000? Les scientifiques arriveront-ils un jour à mettre au point des machines aussi intelligentes que R2D2? Et si les … Continue reading

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Robots are co-evolving with us

What does it mean to take the gray wolf home? The domestication of the dog began thousands of years ago. It still continues with cross-breeding dogs to create so called “designer dogs” or “hybrid dogs”. Can we transfer the evolution … Continue reading

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Experiencing a robot improves robots acceptance and perception

We met our participant again after 2 months using Roomba. How has their perception of robots evolved over these 2 months? In short, Roomba’s usage has positively influence their opinion about robots. When we first met our participants, we asked … Continue reading

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Robots On Wheels… and what a wheel

And what a wheel! The inventive drive system enables a small robot to spin and turn on a dime. Ever since those four horsemen, our culture has long been concerned with the locomotion of the apocalypse. IEEE Spectrum has spotted the more likely means … Continue reading

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When do we call a robot robot?

“Probably, we call robots “robots” as long as we don’t really know how to define them. But as soon as they become familiar to us we don’t call them “robots” anymore.” Keith Miller, University of Illinois, Springfield at “Bridging the … Continue reading

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