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NCCR robotics symposium – what is a robot?

On June 16th I have been at the 1st symposium of the NCCR robotics in Zurich but since then I didn’t have the chance to blog something about it. So, briefly, a couple of invited speakers with quite diverse backgrounds … Continue reading

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Building a cheap Robot, and make it open source

Since Microsoft launched its Kinect motion-detecting system for video games, hackers have been eagerly repurposing the $150 device. Garratt Gallagher, a robotics engineer at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, used it to build a robot called the … Continue reading

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RESEARCHERS from Purdue University have developed two new techniques for computer-vision technology, which mimic how humans perceive 3D shapes. Humans are capable of instantly recognising objects even if they are twisted or bent. Now, machines could possess the same capability … Continue reading

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What has evolved since 1986?

January 1986Why Computers May Never Think Like PeopleBy Hubert & Stuart DreyfusMachine intelligence will probably never replace human expertise because we ourselves are not “thinking machines.”

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Robotic furniture shows emotion, acknowledges your presence

Isn’t it nice to be acknowledged for just being there? Ok, let’s consider here only the pure ‘physical’ presence … Imagine coming home from an exhausting day at work and neither your not present flatmate nor your nonexisting dog jump … Continue reading

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