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Robot puppies to vacuum your floors?

Vacuuming your floor is a quite annoying task for most of the people, so you are happy if you can source it out somehow … What if your hoover what do it’s work on its own while you are at … Continue reading

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ALDEBARAN Robotics, a European humanoid robotics company, has announced that it will make a significant portion of its source code open source…. NAO is used by the world’s most prestigious universities and laboratories including Harvard and Tokyo University as both … Continue reading

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Robotic Festival at EPFL attracts about 13.000 visitors

Last Saturday it was the 4th edition of EPFL’s Robotic Festival and I was totally overwhelmed to see that according to EPFL’s news it attracted 13.000 visitors! I met families with young children, students of various disciplines, grandparents, groups of … Continue reading

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