It is about your relationship to the in-between vacuuming

First finding and hypothesis to be checked popping out why a Roomba gets adopted or not: “it is about your relationships with the inbetween vacuuming”. Roomba is about inbetween vacuuming. This is what it does great. It is not a replacement of standard vacuum cleaners.

This is why it gets well adopted by families whose painpoint is the in-between vacuuming (e.g. families with kids and pets where there is always something to vacuum on the ground). For single households for instance, where inbetween vacuuming does not exist, the value add of Roomba is more difficult to feel (it is not enough dirty). Roomba can even been seen as adding some supplementary work, as it induces a kind of “urge” to do inbetween cleaning.

To be followed…

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