Cleaning and vacuuming pain points

Cleaning or vacuuming is not a fascinating task in itself, but what is even more annoying are all the tasks you have to do beforehand that are tiring (e.g. tidying up the room, changing clothes, pulling out the vacuum out of the cupboard….)

Pain points today with vacuum cleaner:

  • A place to tidy it up (“I miss a special cupboard where I can leave the vacuum”)
  • Pull it out of the cupboard
  • Put it together
  • It takes time
  • Not good for spontaneous vacuuming
  • It cannot easily go everywhere or there are places where one can, but it is tirying or annoying to go (e.g. under the sofas, in the cables, behind furnitures)

The various parts of the vacuum cleaner are tied with a rope at the back of a cupboard. Not practical to spontaneously use! Participant commented "I don't know how to tidy up my vacuum cleaner. I have no fitting cupboard"

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One Response to Cleaning and vacuuming pain points

  1. Excellent post, we are thinking of doing an article on our home cleaning about these pain points as well. We will use this as a reference.

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