« Tell me how you clean and I will tell you who you are »

Ongoing learnings from our field research: First insights from the field research about people’s cleaning habits indicate that the way tasks are shared within an household disclose a lot about one’s personality and household’s intimacy. We start seeing that yes, sharing tasks is influenced by cultural preconceptions (e.g. what is supposed to be the responsibility of a man versus woman within a household), but also by personal factors. Some examples of personal factors : people’s conception of health (e.g. is my apartment clean enough in order not to endanger my child’s health?), people’s urge to control (e.g. there are areas in the house where cleanliness has to be controlled, others not, like the balcony for garbage), personal physical capabilities (e.g. hiring a cleaning lady while one is pregnant), personal education (e.g. “I learned that from my mum”), personal interests and preferences (e.g. “My husband likes cooking” “My husband is more the kind of logical. I am more the artistic one”). A recurring negotiation seems then to happen between the different actors of the household, taking all these personal parameters into consideration.

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